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Skype: Devernzhu QQ: 767578646 devernzhu@faezrland.net

About Us

     Faezrland Metal Products Co.,Ltd is a large and dynamic metal craft manufacturer in China based on the international customer orientation. We are located in NO.27,Xinwei  Caole District, Xiegang Town, Dongguan, Guangzhou, China. As a factory serving distributors and retailers all over the world in the promotional, give-away and recognition industries, we have adequate skilled workers and a complete set of machines in metal crafting production. We specially emphasize on the quality of customer service, offer very fast turnaround, apply the latest and low-cost payment tool such as Paypal and Western Union, and also provide very low freight rate for all international air and sea couriers.

    Our products include badges, pins, patches, coins, medals, trophies, golf hat clips, ball markers, divot tools, bag tags, key chains, belt buckles, photo frames, pendants, ornaments and etc. We have all kinds of raw material, color processes, and finish for your selections. Excepting our standard designs, we also accept customized designs. For all the customized designs, we have no minimum order quantity restriction.

    While offering high quality but cost-effective products and fast turnaround, we have been trying our great effort to develop our specialties as below.
    1.High quality customer service. We realize that customer service is vitally important for factories in this industry because it requires fast responding, effective and sufficient communication and error-free execution, specially for those products running for events and meetings. We have very strict recruiting system to choose sales representatives who are ambitious, conscientious and also with good English skills. We also have constant training to help all sales representatives to become professional both in production knowledge and service manner, and we have established strong motivation management system to promote their enthusiasm and diligence. Superior support and supervision has also been backing up our customer service. As for service attitude, we put our customer in the first place, staff the second and owner the last. Our service principle is to offer within-24-hour responding, and sufficient communication (including on-time update of your order status without your re-inquiring and frank answers for all your questions).

    2. Applying the latest payment tools like T/T, PayPal, Western Union. These are low-cost, time-saving, easy-handling and also secure payment tools for frequent small payment, which is very helpful for mid-size and small-size customers all over the world. With these tools, any size of sellers could place orders directly via the manufacturers in China to lower their purchasing cost. For customer with good reputation, we could also apply net 30 days payment terms so they will not have cash pressure when ordering via us, which could also save time and cost for our customers when they make many payments into one after the products have been sold. The traditional payment terms like wire transfer, letter of credit are also welcome.

    3.Large discount for Air freight with international express courier like FedEx, DHL, UPS and etc. Due to our high frequency and large volume of shipping orders we have got large discount form these international door-to-door express couriers, no matter how small your shipment is, we could offer you very low freight rate for express shipment. If you want to make the freight lower, we could also offer very professional service of air or sea shipment. So any size of buyers could order directly via us rather than via native distributors at high cost.
   We have been severing many big bands in the world. Look forward to any size of partners to grow with us.Warm welcome to visit our factory.